Professional showreels

Directing showreel

2018 Showreel of my writing and directing work.

Professional showreels

Cinematography & Camera Showreel 2018

2018 Showreel of my cinematography, camera and focus pulling work.

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"A passionate filmmaker. From writing to editing, Marie Sophie Driffield demonstrates her skills throughout different roles, genres and platforms. Storytelling is the essence of her life”

Current Projects


Coming soon

Nightshift - 2019

This is the trailer of a 15 min short movie directed by Marie Sophie Driffield, co-writen with Maria Supplison and cinematography by Robin Vidgeon BSC.

After a hard day of work, a businessman decides to take a detour from family life to go to his usual kebab. There he encounters a seductive and witty young prostitute, Megan, and the two have immediate chemistry. However, in the dead of night, appearances are never quite what they seem and sometimes blurred intentions trump the mind. What starts as a lovely night of good circumstances might just turn out to be something quite different.