Cinematography is what makes the picture interesting


Director of Photography

behind the screen

Behind The Screen - 2018

Two people agree to go on a date, having only interacted with each other over their video game

A 5 min film shot on ARRI Alexa and directed by Scott Clayton at the London Film Academy and screened at the BFI.

Code for Vimeo LFA321sc2018

Truth or Dare - 2017

Directed by Alex Nguyen. A 2:51 minutes Crime/Drama shot on Super 16 mm with the ARRI SR3.

A killer-for-hire is being forced into answering a fatal question.

Camera Operator

MSD Cam Op The Void

The Void - 2019

A woman struggles to forget her past within a dark and mysterious forest. Directed by Rustem Seg. A 4 min experimental film shot on ARRI Alexa.

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MSD Cam Op The Artist

The Artist - 2018

Directed by Diana Mashanova. A 2 min Drama shot on Super 16 mm with the ARRI SR3.

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Cinnamon Apple - Lil Theives - 2017

A Making of for Lil Theives Entertainment shot on Canon 5D during Dezzy's recording session of Cinnamon Apple.

First Assistant Camera - Focus Puller

Your Lucky Money

"If it ever goes wrong, you just have to run, for the rest of your life."

Trailer of Your Lucky Money - a 20-minute short Crime, Suspense. Produced by Sofia Rivolta. Written and directed by Alexander Nguyen. Cinematography by Balazs Weidner.

The Oath Bound - short film

Official trailer of a six part series based on the power of black magic and it's role in the Nigerian sex trade industry.

Marie Sophie Driffield was First Assistant Camera for the Second Unit Camera Department and The First unit's second assistant camera.

MSD First Assistant Camera Pawnshop

Pawnshop - 2018

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Second Assistant Camera - Clapper Loader

Thinner Veil MSD assistant camera

Thinner Veil - 2018

Directed by Karina Majewska. A 2 min supernatural Drama shot on 16 mm with the ARRI 416.

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