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Director / Screenwriter

Projects as a Director

Nightshift - 2019

This is the trailer of a 15 min short movie directed by Marie Sophie Driffield, co-writen with Maria Supplison and cinematography by Robin Vidgeon BSC.

Nightshift is part of the official selection of Jump Cuts 2020.

After a hard day of work, a businessman decides to take a detour from family life to go to his usual kebab. There he encounters a seductive and witty young prostitute, Megan, and the two have immediate chemistry. However, in the dead of night, appearances are never quite what they seem and sometimes blurred intentions trump the mind. What starts as a lovely night of good circumstances might just turn out to be something quite different.

The holy duty 2019

The Holy Duty - 2018

A 10 min film shot at the London Film Academy and screened at the BFI. The Holy Duty won Best Student Film at the UK Monthly Film Festival in December 2019.

A young criminal bursts into a church to escape the police. He meets a naïve catholic who makes him realise the wrong of his life but also his values, yet conflicted between right and wrong, decides to go in the wrong path but for his good values.

Code for Vimeo LFA321sc2018

Pigs in a sanctuary - 2018

A posh lady enters a student's art exhibition by accident and drive the 'artist' crazy with nagging comments and a silly analysis of a certain painting...

3:32 minutes Comedy written and produced by Bridget Mastrocola.

Cinnamon Apple - Lil Theives - 2018

2018 music clip of the song Cinnamon Apple for the artist Dezzy and his production Lil Theives Entertainment.

Danny Baby - 2017

A Bloody Funny Story.

A mother and her daughter accidentally almost kill each other over their boyfriend.

Danny Baby depicts the story of a mother and her daughter enjoying a mani-pedi session. The mother, desperately trying to connect with her daughter, ends up revealing that she is dating a new guy. Nevertheless, her daughter immediately shuts her down, arguing that she is also seeing someone and that her mother is only trying to copy her to sound interesting. Both describing their boyfriend, trying to prove who’s got the better one, they almost ‘accidentally’ kill each other, misled by their conversation. They will both come to a surprising realisation that could have prevented the ‘accident’, but unfortunately... Too late!

A 3:05 minutes Comedy Horror, this short film was shot with the ARRI SR3, Super 16 mm at the London Film Academy.

I am practical Love - 2016

Marc, a hard working man doesn't have time to find love. After a mediocre date found on a website, he gives up and decides to just have random sex. Nevertheless, when that mediocre date shows up in a time of crisis, Marc realises she is the perfect woman for him.

7:52 minutes Romantic Comedy, this french film was made for the 2016 Nikon Festival in France. Since the festival's duration limit is 2:20 minutes, a shorter cut was released for that purpose.

Watch on Nikon Festival webiste (click right button):

"A good director makes a playground and allows you to play."

Martin Landau

Marie Sophie's Scripts

The Estranged - 2018

When a son can't sleep, yet again because of 'the monster by his window', his mother tries to ignore him. Is she a bad mother ? Maybe a tired single parent ? Or has she something to hide ?

A 4-5 minutes Psychological Drama with hints of Horror.

The Estranged was pitched by Jasper Enjuba to be made at the London Film Academy. His film, Estranged, is inspired and based on Marie Driffield's script and will be showcased for the first time at the BFI in October 2018.

The Psychologist - 2015

It is the story of a young student, Helene, visiting her psychologist for the last time. Helne provokes her doctor, desperately seeking for help but unfortunately, the 'conventional' Dr. Moubal is not able to see it.

A 4-5 minutes Dark Comedy that was broadcasted in 2016 on TV Bocal, a french independent channel.

Directed by Gianna Moroldo Bianchi. Shot in french.