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Broken movie trailer 2019

Broken - 2019 (Film coming out soon)

This is the trailer of Broken: A mother and daughter come face to face about past memories and current issues masked by culture and religion that changed the dynamics in their relationship. Daughter blames her mother for how her life has turned out and mother is just trying to survive an unhappy life with an intense secret.


The holy duty 2018 movie

Divine Intervention - 2018

A pessemistic angel must help a suicidal man realise life is worth living.

A 5 min film directed by Matthew Tan at the London Film Academy and screened at the BFI.

Code for Vimeo is LFA321sc2018.

the Rapture 2018 movie

The Rapture - 2018

Code for Vimeo is 32super


Demo of Audio Spectrums - 2017

Making of for Biginisme - 2017